I Told Y’all


Yeah, months down the line and am just getting back to writing on here. I will be truthful with you all, I am back on here because I now have a girlfriend. The first serious one I have ever had. We are talking marriage. The responsibility that awaits me has obviously driven me to think about how I can establish some financial stability. Am traditional, I understand much responsibility lies with the man in a relationship. Thus, I have applied a couple of jobs, and I am more than inspired to land something..heck, I may just maintain consistency on this blog and turn it to a money making venture.

So, I am basically a cheat. I might claim a love for storytelling brought me here, but that would not be entirely true now would it. I was just going through my first blog( thanks for the seven likes btw! Those made my week) it had some grammatical errors. I should ensure I do not carry that attitude into my relationship. At least a recognition that I need to step up shows that might not be the case.

So, all to say. I have a girlfriend, and I’ll be consistent in posting on here.