Kanye and Christians

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist on Unsplash

So, a certain popular public figure just came out as no longer a Christian. Well, he is not exactly an A-Lister, but he is massively popular (at least in Christian circles). You probably don’t know about him, but he is well-known especially among millennial Christians. I wont lie, he was a big influence to my conception of the Christian faith. I know some of my friends might not believe what I say, but I actually understand him. I have been around Christendom for some time such that I can see why someone might apostatize. I have this podcast am listening to: The Graceful Atheist. It has really opened my eyes to the reasons behind many forsaking the faith.

As he released “Jesus Is King”, I appreciated Kanye’s candidness. It seemed to me that he had a previous experience with Christian culture. He understood the instant judgment that comes at a person like him. Everyone was quick to question his motives. Many were more eager to render his conversion false than appreciate the ability of God to transform someone’s heart. It’s Christian culture, it’s pervasive and everyone knows about it. Back to the popular figure who announced his de-conversion, he admitted that the pressure of public opinion had kept him back from voicing his loss of faith earlier. One would understand why. For a religion that underlines the value of love for others and long suffering, Christians are guilty of defaming their own faith.

Donda is a classic album. I admitted to a friend that I liked the album. I am positive he is sure I am an apostate. It is criminal to like anything secular (although Donda is not that). It is wrong to have any association with anything not outright spiritual. I am not even talking about going against the moral demands of the religion, I am talking about interest in art, music or anything. Anyone who voices such interests or displays that kind of inclination is seen as “worldly” and worthy of condemnation. I see a day in future where I will have a great confrontation with someone/ some people and I will have my equivalent of “coming out”. I value dissenting opinions, but I hate those who are dogmatic about matters that are of liberty even within the Christian faith. Anyway, Donda is fire and Kanye is showing me how I can be a Christian of influence even at the highest level. Shout out to him.

I Told Y’all


Yeah, months down the line and am just getting back to writing on here. I will be truthful with you all, I am back on here because I now have a girlfriend. The first serious one I have ever had. We are talking marriage. The responsibility that awaits me has obviously driven me to think about how I can establish some financial stability. Am traditional, I understand much responsibility lies with the man in a relationship. Thus, I have applied a couple of jobs, and I am more than inspired to land something..heck, I may just maintain consistency on this blog and turn it to a money making venture.

So, I am basically a cheat. I might claim a love for storytelling brought me here, but that would not be entirely true now would it. I was just going through my first blog( thanks for the seven likes btw! Those made my week) it had some grammatical errors. I should ensure I do not carry that attitude into my relationship. At least a recognition that I need to step up shows that might not be the case.

So, all to say. I have a girlfriend, and I’ll be consistent in posting on here.


I always wanted to write. I now have the chance to do that. I always had the chance but you need to know that I am the biggest procrastinator that ever lived. I am actually proud I came to blogging. Hopefully I wont drift back to my old ways.

Life has enough challenges to warrant various ideas and opinions about it. Am willing to add mine to the variety that is already out there. Mine will be a raw, honest look at existence, what makes us happy, what makes us cry, what makes us dance, when we need assistance, when unresolved matters can mean war. I will write about a lot of things with different perspectives but always with the intention of making us sit back and marvel at life and enjoy it or try to understand it when we can.

So here starts a blog by a currently unemployed journalism graduate who would want to document happenings in life, analyse them and comment on them with the intention of getting himself and his audience to better appreciate life or just think deeply about it. Belt up, let’s ride!